Welcome and thanks for visiting my portfolio!
I’m Luciana Yumi Abe. My professional experiences and interests revolve around usability, interfaces and game design.

Feel free to contact me with any questions about my work!

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Build the best team and rise to warfare celebrity in Tank TV! Read an interview with me at the DeNA website about my work in this game here!

Help fill water balloons and lob them on unsuspecting palm trees! Made during The Bella Project, a Game Jam to develop games to help children with cystic fibrosis go through PEP (Positive Expiratory Pressure) therapy.

Help Jonesy, the Squirrel fly in his mechanical bird to escort his friends back to the home tree. The more gems they bring home, the more nuts for everyone. But some creatures love Gems, and couldn’t care less about nuts. My group’s final project for VFS.

When you are as big as a dinosaur, what can you do with something as small and squishy as a human? You play hackysack with them, of course! Made during A Thinking Ape’s Monkey House Hackaton.

Change the geography of a archipelago by using waves pulses to bring island together. Made during Global Game Jam 2013.

Gather people in a Dragon Dance! As everyone joins the dance, you can fly higher and higher. Reach the moon between avoiding lanterns and climbing buildings. VFS Flash Development Assignment.

Have you ever competed with your friends for that choice piece of sushi? Test your chopstick skills in Sushi Showdown! Made during 2Jam.

Control a love-struck puppet in search of the pieces of his love. Move across a theatre’s scenic pieces, discovering its many layers.

One family of many generations try to brave a inhospitable mountain, looking for a peaceful place for the future generations. Made during Global Game Jam 2012.

Inspired by the Japanese Obon Festival. Move a Paper Lantern gently down a river, gathering lost souls and avoiding evil ones. Made during SPJam 2011.

When a meteorite falls on a young girl’s small village, sending everyone fleeing for their lives. It’s up for her (and a somewhat sentient meteorite) to find them and bring them together to rebuild the village.